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Dr. Addor helps you invest in your greatest asset: YOURSELF with personalize medicine to enhance longevity and human performance.

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Dr. Guenole Addor | The Swiss Longevity Doctor

maximize longevity with advanced evidence-based anti-aging therapies

The current medical system focuses on treating symptoms rather than preventing them, leading to a reactive approach to health.

Dr. Addor shifts this paradigm to a proactive, personalized health strategy that empowers individuals to actively manage and optimize their longevity.

Envision a world where age is merely a number, and you continue to evolve and thrive in mind, body, and spirit as the years go by.

Luxury Longevity Solutions

Nourish your body with luxury wellness solutions.

Biohacking Protocols

Scientific methods to enhance sleep, stress management, and brain function.

Biomarker Testing

Precise tracking and interpretation of biomarkers to inform health optimizations.

Supplement Guidance

Tailored supplement regimens to boost health, based on individual needs and the latest research.

Lifestyle Optimization

Tailored supplement regimens to boost health, based on individual needs and the latest research.

Longevity Coaching

Personalize coaching from our team of experts to help you live longer and better.

Dr. Addor's Approach

We bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, making optimal health achievable and exciting for the global community.


Root Cause Resolution: Identify and address underlying causes of diseases to extend lifespan. Comprehensive consultations uncover medical history, lifestyle factors, and genetic predispositions.

Develop customized strategies based on advanced research and health assessments. Optimize nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle to support unique health goals.

Bridging Traditions with Innovations: Blend ancient practices with cutting-edge therapies for holistic vitality. Offer evidence-based approaches tailored to individual needs for lifespan extension.

Dr. Guenole Addor | The Swiss Longevity Doctor

Purpose & Passion

Longevity isn’t just about time passing; it’s a journey to unlock our full potential. It’s waking up each day feeling alive, purposeful, and strong, knowing that every moment brings growth and joy.

Increased Life Quality

Longevity means living well, where getting older means gaining wisdom and resilience. It’s imagining a future where we not only live longer but also fill those years with enriching experiences that nourish our souls and ignite our spirits.

Dr. Guenole Addor | The Swiss Longevity Doctor

The Gift Of Vitality

Longevity inspires us to go beyond limits, embracing endless possibilities within ourselves, and embarking on a journey toward a life filled with abundance, happiness, and endless energy.

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