Dr. Addor Longevity | Redefining Anti-Aging with Swiss Precision & Modern Medicine

Who Is Dr. Addor?

Greetings, I’m Dr. Addor, the Chief Medical Officer at xLongevity Clinics.

I envision a world where longevity aligns with optimal health, a place where every heartbeat resonates with a life well-lived.

My commitment stems from a desire to reshape the intersection of longevity and medicine.

“Chaque jour compte,” my tagline, encapsulates my philosophy—every day counts. Health isn’t a destination but a journey, and I’m here to guide you through it.

As a medical doctor, my expertise spans anti-aging medicine, functional genomics, and personalized health strategies.

With a foundation in anti-aging medicine,and personalized health strategies, my role as a medical doctor extends beyond conventional boundaries. I integrate the latest in genetic testing, biological age tests, blood biomarkers and biohacking devices to craft individualized health optimization plans.

My focus? Prevention and empowerment, shifting the paradigm from treating diseases to seizing control of one’s health.

The journey to this point wasn’t without challenges—from the demanding days of medical school to the intensity of emergency medicine and anesthesiology, each step forged a commitment to excellence in patient care.

My journey began in a household steeped in medical knowledge, both parents being physicians. This upbringing fostered a deep sense of curiosity and adventure. However, it came with its challenges, witnessing the impact of mental health issues within my family.

Profound tragedies—the sudden loss of my father and the death of my life partner in a mountaineering accident—served as catalysts. They prompted a reevaluation of the limitations of traditional medicine, sparking my quest for alternative solutions.

Confronting life’s fragility ignited a passion for resilience, innovation, and relentless knowledge pursuit. Endurance sports and the Great Outdoors provided both escape and a testing ground for understanding human performance and recovery.

Beyond the white coat, I’m an aspiring jazz pianist, a big fan of mountaineering and rock climbing, and a sailor chasing adventure winds with an admiration for competitions like the “Vendée Globe”. Why? Because purpose and passion are ingredients for longevity!

Would you like to join me in my vision?

Together, let’s make the world a happier and healthier place.